Leaders or Producers

What is better, having stong leaders or producers? Neither or both??? 

I was once told, that we (our department) had to have a balance. Not everyone could be a leader, some had to actually be producers of the work. We couldn’t promote the individual I thought would lead and could lead well, simply because she was a great engineer. Her deliverables were valuable. Too valuable. 

I thought it was a waste of talent. I was overruled.

Today there was this realization – maybe more of an introspective view. It was nearly 20 years ago that we had this convesation, but now I understood. Even if I still didn’t agree.

Maybe I am learning. 

Of course, it is ridiculous to think that you can have just one type of employee in your organization. It won’t work. Of course, individually, they won’t succeed, but together… that could work. 

Whether you are talking about leaders or producers they must find a way to work together; from there, you may find you can achieve success.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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