Between You and Me

I don’t have a secret. I just wanted to confirm that there is a difference between you and me

Well, there are probably many, but in this case, and for today, I mean the answer to the question “Why do you do what you do?”

My success is measured by so many things that come down to really 1 thing and that is family. 

I am not saying that you don’t do it for family, but we may get there a different way…

I have given up a lot, and yet gained so much more when I was able to re-direct my thought process, eliminating the stresses that had me fighting between what my heart wanted and what my head told me to do. All those years of studying, finding success and proving that I could do so much more…taking on new roles, new challenges and new positions that ended up being the wrong things. 

Today, and really, for nearly 10 years I have what I fought to find. I still help people. I stand up for what I believe and I have the flexibility to learn, share and educate, while finding my version of success. Between you and me, I reflected on this today a bit more, running into a colleague from my former employer – one who taught me a lot and offered me the opportunity to shine…so while I may not be the VP of Marketing, in a brand with 3000 retail units, I am so much happier than I was. I have to think of this as success.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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