Know Your Customers

There are so many great road warrior stories that could (and should) be shared. Some of my road side observations make me wonder: “What were they thinking?” or, even an incredulous: “Do you know your customers?”

Maybe Miller Truck Leasing, knows theirs better than any of us. However, I still don’t know why they would promote such a very simple statement and such a seemingly uber targeted audience. At least, not while they have so much more opportunity to share with potential customers as they drive around in their billboard of a truck.

Printing advertising and promotional statements on delivery vehicles is a best practice. Why not use your service vehicles as roving advertising? Why not tout your best attributes?? Especially if that can be backed up by friendly, courteous drivers…like these gentlemen were, patiently waiting for the next green light rather than pushing the yellow and forcing themselves into the intersection and cutting off the opposing traffic.

Companies can easily use vertical space to share phone numbers, website URLs, logos and brand images along with services available such as:

  • 24 hour service.
  • No emergency service fees.
  • Free estimates.
  • Refrigerated trucks.
  • Free delivery.
  • No deposit necessary.
  • Friendly, courteous drivers and a team that is always on time.

or even,

  • Now hiring great team members.
  • Sunday delivery now available.

Not to mention the unspoken messages that they care for the environment, because they use hybrid, zero emission cars and trucks. (This one was not, but many companies do that.)

But, this one had me stumped.”Now delivering to Avenel, NJ.”

I lived and traveled in New Jersey – for, like forever. I even covered development territory for a retail brand which had locations all across the state. I managed an acquisition where I learned about new towns that are in the far reaches of the corners, with small local populations…all in NJ.

This town – advertised as now being served – I had never heard of before and I’d bet that most of the folks in Bucks County and the surrounding 5 counties have never heard of it either. Maybe I wish I hadn’t… Apparently, it is a rough neighborhood, filled with a small permanent resident population that includes a local prison and a rehab center for people who do unspeakable things…yea. Sorry, now you know, too.

Ok, ok.. Miller – I guess you do know your customers – having been around since 1912, you are probably doing something right; however, now I am curious if you really want to know those particular customers?

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

Now serving Avenel, NJ

Now serving Avenel, NJ

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