Know My Name

I am pondering changing a service provider. Why? I mean, I am loyal. When I pick a brand, it is hard to get me to change. Plus, it is pretty difficult to change some service providers. But, I no longer have 100% trust in them; they don’t even know my name. Worse yet, they are my bank.

  • This isn’t the corner sandwich shop, who mixes me up with Dana or Donna.
  • This isn’t the Chinese food restaurant, who thinks my name is Don.
  • This isn’t the dry cleaner, who grabbed the wrong long “A” last name ticket off the conveyor.
  • This isn’t the pizza guy, who knows me as 1 lg cheese, 1 lg 1/2 bacon 1/2 roasted peppers,  vodka penne with chicken noodle soup, 2 orders of garlic knots and a large Caesar salad. (As I write this… maybe he should know my name.)

This is my bank.

This is more like the airline, who lets someone on the flight who is supposed to be on an entirely different flight to an entirely different city!

Thank you for joining us on board “Trust Us” Airline as we take you on a 32,000 foot journey over the beeea-U-ti-FUL United States to your final destination, Tucson, Arizona.

OMG I am headed to Tuscaloosa, let me off!

Yea, that happened to me once, shockingly in the early aftermath of 9/11 – as in a few months later… he was someone who could have been profiled, but he wasn’t.  (But, I was – I was pregnant and must certainly have been hiding something in my belly.) Recently, I found out that something similar happened to a friend of mine just recently – years after the TSA knowing what Homeland Security wants to have done in aircraft safety and protocols.

Sure, mistakes happen. What YOU do about it is entirely something else. In my case, they are going to know my name when I am done with them…but then, it will be too late.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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