Just Stay Focused

If you can just stay focused you can get a lot done.

I tend to do things – in life, with client deliverables and in my home – in bits and pieces. Maybe being a project manager for so long leads me to break bigger things down into smaller, easy to accomplish tasks that all come together in the end.

Or, maybe not. Either way, it all gets done. Somehow.

At home, however, it can seem to be derailing when unexpected – aka unscheduled things – exert their needs on your time and focus.

  • Woke up late – need breakfast and a packed lunch
  • Out of clean socks – wash and fold laundry
  • Someone dropping by unexpectedly – tidy up, dust (who does that?)
  • Hungry and nothing good to eat – shop for food, make dinner and then clean up
  • Due dates – homework, bills, supplies for repair work
  • Clutter – sort mail and the massive amounts of paper that materializes
  • Weather – rain, snow, hail, wind and the subsequent disarray that follows

You know, all of the other things that allow our lives to function on the personal side of the equation.

It takes time. It doesn’t have to take all day. Still, it is important.

At least once in a while, it is a good idea to just stay focused. Then, the bigger, more important things that we should prioritize, like life with children, our spouse, friends and family are all able to get the time and energy they deserve. I am definitely ready for a good, long, restful weekend with time to do just that.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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