Look Don’t Stop

You can look, don’t stop to do it, please. There are too many wonderful things happening in your life to waste time looking.

Plus, the highway has enough trouble – especially in the City of Brotherly Love – which earlier this week was announced as the second most aggressive driving city in the country.

There is room to grow apparently…

Or, to look at it another way, if you can drive here and not get into an accident, I guess you can make it anywhere.

I recall, years and years ago driving in Seattle and thinking the people were just soooo nice and traffic was nearly nonexistent. It was a pleasure to drive in the city. Even with a tractor trailer jack-knifed across 4 lanes of traffic, there was barely a delay.

Since then, apparently the folks in Philly have gotten worse. I just haven’t noticed as much. Until today when it occurred to me that we could all get to where we want to go, if we just do what we are supposed to do.

Drive. And, do it safely.

I get it though, looking at an accident is so tempting. You want to see what made you 18, no 20, well – to be honest, it was actually 23 – minutes late to pick your aunt up at the airport. (Thank goodness she checked a bag and had to wait for her luggage. We actually waited 15 minutes for her to come out…)

But, whatever. If you have to look, then look. Don’t stop to do it though. It’s like looking at the sun, it can only be detrimental to you if you do it. Why, because the people who are waiting for you to have your gander, are really not happy to be running late for no reason at all, especially on such an amazingly beautiful day.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

PS The accident was on the other side. No. Need. To. Look.

PPS Photo credit to my son, who took the pic (of the skyline, not the accident.)

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