Just Smile

Of all the customer service training advice, the best and the easiest for people is to tell them – just smile.

Ask them if they need utensils.
Make sure to put napkins in their bag.
Put the eggs in a bag under light weight items, like a loaf of bread and tell them, your eggs and bread are in this bag.
Say thank you when they pay for their order.
Say have a nice day as they walk away.
Answer the phone this way…
Count their change back to them.
Ask if they’d like a larger table by the window or in a booth since it’s not busy right now.
Bring them refills if you notice their drink is low.
Give them an extra cookie if it’s the end of the day (and they’ll just be thrown away if no one buys them.)

So many, many great things you can tell them to do when you train. The best is to just start with a great big smile and ask them to make sure that they mean it. It will go a very, very long way.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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