Just Relax

Probably the most difficult thing for moms to do on a regular basis is to just relax. Sit back, put your feet up and don’t worry about dinner, dishes, laundry, lunches, homework, work-work, bill paying, house cleaning, garden sprucing up. Don’t worry about whether your kids are safe, learning everything they should be learning, that you’re family is happy or that you’ve exercised enough to stay healthy and live long to be there for them…

There are so many things that are on your mind as a parent that you forget to do things for fun more often.

In 1911 Mothers Day became an official US Holiday, to be celebrated by families everywhere…

Just like any other “recognition” holiday it is just one day.

It isn’t intended to, nor does it give you enough methodical practice to achieve a habit, if that is your goal in life. 

It is (sort of) enough to make a concerted effort to appreciate the people who make your life better, to respect and admire the accomplishments of your life. Relaxing, for many, is also a challenge and a life goal that takes many more days and much more time.

I’m not saying I think we moms need more than one day.

I am just saying that I want to try to appreciate others more -not just on one special day – and to relax.

Plus, I liked that we just hung out today. Chatting and catching up with family is a good way to just relax – at least for a little bit. The kids were happy, ate plenty of food (that they also liked) which is a bonus. It happened because it was a holiday. It happened because people worked to make it great… Men, women and children together. In other words, the definition of a family. Which, we have, because of Mom.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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