It’s All Over

In some ways, it appears that it’s all over. Christmas, New Years, the Golden Globes…even the arctic freeze that has had the east cost shivering. (We hit a balmy 44 F today, which is 4 times warmer than it was just two days ago!)

The decorations and the tree are all put away after the last bit of Christmas was celebrated this past weekend during the Epiphany (aka Little Christmas aka the 12th Day of Christmas.)  We had friends over and exchanged gifts, laughter and serious conversations about things that aren’t even close to being over.

Friendship, the strong bonds between both women and men who have known each other for a long time, justify giving a pass to certain things.  Things that are not earth shattering, but still might make someone pause.  Friends are okay with a “less than perfect” house, breakfast that takes just a bit longer to cook than planned, and off-the-cuff comments that are not measured, planned and analyzed before being uttered out loud.

With friends, we know each other; the way we think and the basis for those ideals. We also know that we can talk through the things that may bother us – whether related to life, work or the world around us. We can’t think, however, that every moment in our lives is warm and welcoming to help fight against the stresses that are out there in the world.

Yet, when friends, neighbors, acquaintances and colleagues share a common ground they can accomplish so much more by working together.  Now, is a good time to start sharing your thoughts on how to solve a bigger problem than just you can handle. We can all come together and work until it’s all over…but the celebrating. Then, maybe, people can relax and enjoy life the way we were meant to enjoy it.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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