It Will Get Better

I know that it is not looking very good, but I have confidence that it will get better, even thought this is only the beginning, again.

  • We will learn.
  • We will adapt.
  • We will communicate better.
  • We will figure out what works.
  • We will have a good year in spite of the way it looks.

I know that the news is sounding pretty bad, all around or maybe just here and there…but, we kind of thought that this might happen.



  • We need to learn.
  • We need to adapt.
  • We need to communicate better.
  • We need to figure out what works.
  • We need to have a good year in spite of the way it looks.

I mean, nothing material has changed. We have just been lulled for a bit. So, if we can make good choices, it will get better and we will have a good new year.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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