It Could Be Worse

Life is great, but it could be worse.

I could really love to make my family happy and do special things for them…like:

  • Buy their favorite snacks (chocolate covered pretzels, soft pretzels and doughnuts are fan favorites.)
  • Take them driving to practice their license, because they really don’t want to learn from a stranger.
  • Make their favorite dinner, or should I say, breakfast for dinner (pancakes and bacon!)
  • Take them to the book store to get a new book, just because.
  • Fly them off on a special trip because they turned 16.
  • Take them to karate 2 to 3 times a week for 5 years so they could achieve their black belt.
  • Sign them up for an intense choral program, because they are like, you know, a professional and they are quite passionate about it.
  • Leave love notes for them, randomly, in their lunch box, in their pocket, on their pillow when I travel, in their backpack…or, basically where ever they would find it when it matters most.
  • Drive them to the airport.

But it could be worse, I could make them take the train home from the airport…and then they wouldn’t really want to say “but you never take me to the airport anymore…” because in that case, they would much rather drive themselves. No, I would never make them take the train home – instead I will pick them up, too – because they make my life great and I just want to return the favor.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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