Afraid To Know

Would you be – or are you – afraid to know when your life will end? Wow! How is that for a Friday afternoon?  I promise you, it isn’t that bad. Really.

I am just a bit introspective today, and sometimes, I just have to wonder where the information inputs come from and where they lead your thoughts to go.

Maybe it was all of us traveling here and there in the past week. Last week, I traveled to NYC. While I was gone, our daughter went to the beach with her friend who has been driving for just over a year. My husband was away for two days…the kids walked themselves into town to go to the store. (Egads. Do kids even do that anymore with the unfortunate trend of helicopter parenting??)

Maybe it was from earlier this week, when I sat through the Edward Tufte lecture. Even though I really enjoyed it, it gave me a fresh perspective along with the pressure to do more…always to do more and to improve. Doing more, striving to do better means that you probably want to know if it is working? Are you doing better? Are you improving? Are you serving your clients the best way and “earning your fees”??

But, no, most of it was personal life vs. work life.

Today, taking a short break away from the keyboard, I listened to a podcast about living with the potential that you have a degenerative and deadly disease. Would you want to be tested to know for sure if you had Huntington’s Disease?

From what the podcast shared, most of the people who – probably have it – are afraid to know. Why? Well, if you thought that you probably have a fatal disease, one that can’t be cured, would you want to know for sure? How could it possibly help you?  Instead… they (and by they I mean the optimistic internet people) say, live as if you were going to die tomorrow.  I wish I could do that, but I still pay my bills and save for the future and try not to dwell on what could happen. I am optimistic that my husband and I will live a long, long life, certainly long enough to irritate our children as an aging parent – and not just one who makes them awake before noon in the summer.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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