Rules and regulations that make up the law are subject to interpretation of course. 

When the sign clearly says one thing, but the security guards make you do something else, I, and so many others, get agitated. More and more today, the issue of security gets thrown around, bantered about in the name of safety.

I had to go and submit my absentee ballot today, since I will be out of town on Tuesday. My 1.5″ long Swiss Army knife that has a mini pair of scissors on it along got taken with the statement “no weapons in the court house”. 

The entry sign says “no knife blades activated by switch”.  I know, because I stopped to read it.

Maybe the security guard was just using her interpretation of what the sign said, and while she was explaining it to me didn’t bother to watch the X-ray machine that would have shown my husband’s car keys and the full sized, 4″ pocket knife on his key ring. When did we stop thinking and just start doing what people say we have to do?

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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