Old Stuff

I love it when old stuff is refurbished, re-purposed and reused.

I see an increased number of non-profit church thrift shops, Good Will stores, Impact Thrift, ReStore, by Habitat for Humanity and for profit businesses lately.

These and many others are the ones who will collect your unwanted items, clean them, repair/mend (if needed) and sell them to organizations who can make use of them, or sell them to people, even in Asian countries where (let’s face it) most of it was probably made in the first place.

Ironic, huh?

Still, I think it is a good thing.

Yesterday, the youth choir families and children collected (in our estimation) over 5,000 pounds of clothes, linens, housewares, shoes, stuffed animals, plus kids toys and games. Our unwanted, but perfectly good, old stuff will help buy new uniforms and pay for scholarships for the tours the children take to travel the northeast this year – they used to go father throughout the US and internationally. Thank you to everyone who does this and helps keep this stuff in use, verses just being thrown away.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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