Inspired By Coworkers

Being inspired by coworkers and the people with whom you surround yourself is always a positive!!

When I was in college, I found myself in a group of people who studied all the time, never drank or swore…they were definitely a good team when it came to getting an A on the exam or the job you wanted. You could say that they were fun, too – but in a very different way than the group who went to the club with us to dance all night.

Creative people always inspire me…one idea leads to another and soon – BAM! What a slogan, tagline or caption to go with that image; I love it! So does the client…a big win.

A collaborative effort.

My daughter and her friends are writing and creating stories, talking about them, going over and over again the idea and then writing another chapter, developing another character.

Their “writing class” – which would be much cooler if they called it creative writing – was lead by someone who taught them and inspired them, to find new ways to say what they think. Tell a story, but use words and images that you maybe haven’t used before.

Her friend, wrote a book. Age 11.  Since the publisher picked up her story, I think the other 11 year old classmates are even more inspired to write. Whether it is published or not…

The article in the local paper talked about how she started it when she was 8. Ok, so it took a while. She did it. What an accomplishment!

I have been writing a book for nearly a year. Not done yet. Some day, I will finish it. Hopefully, sooner than later; someone wants to share it with the world. Now, I have more incentive to finish… Besides my own drive to finish it. That matters so very much.

Being inspired by coworkers is something we all wish for as we age… Better yet, to be inspired by your peers, no matter how close or loosely connected, whether they are the people you see every day or just random strangers. All it takes is someone, who said something. That word, or phrase, triggered a thought that became an idea and later, became a book. To them, to all of them, I thank…especially the children and one in particular, too.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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