Bumps In The Road

Do you embrace, full on, the bumps in the road, or do you detour around them to avoid conflict, stress and confrontation?

I used to drive this touchy, old, minivan that needed to be treated with kid gloves – as if you could imagine – not a sports car or an antique car, a minivan.  I avoided potholes, speed bumps and dusty edges on the road that could give way to the pressure. I had no other option…at least not in that vehicle.

Now, in a 4WD, brand new, SUV I don’t have to anymore. I can go over the neighborhood speed humps by just taking my foot off the gas and easing back just under the legal speed limit.  Of course, changing a vehicle makes this an easy adaptation, unless you still drive cautiously when you don’t need to do so.

The real test, is when things get tough, and it’s more difficult than ever before – that is when you have to keep growing, learning and being creative. New technology, new laws (unfortunately), and more aggressive competitors will stop you if you let them!  You can’t just drive around the bumps in the road.  Life doesn’t work this way; work doesn’t work that way, but you can change it if you want to bad enough.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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