Differing Opinions

Fun, isn’t it to hear differing opinions of the various personal care professionals you know? Starting with ideas, leading to beliefs and then…opinions. Strong ones.

Everyone has their own backgrounds and history and experience that guides them to be the way they are or to believe what they believe today.

  • The hair salon owner who tells you one thing, while their staff (especially the senior and more experienced ones) tells you a completely different story.
  • The body piercing and tattoo artist who suggests you not use a needle to pierce an 11 year old’s ears, but the place they sent you to buy the studs says to just do it at their place…or why not use the needle?
  • Medical office management who prefer to get a new patient’s individual history and learn as they ask questions or the one who loves the new iPad where someone can fill everything out right into the electronic records system.
  • The board certified physician who – even though she was inundated with pharmaceutical representatives and seminars touting the benefits of modern medicine –  still thinks that you can cure much of what ails you at the grocery store. (Eat right, exercise…don’t do the things that make you sick…) but will be the first to tell you when it isn’t working – if you won’t or can’t improve your health – and prescribe you a modern drug.

The thing is, there is no right answer. The differing opinions are what makes us human – even if we do embrace technology, have a strong belief in ancient remedies, or balance the two.  The ideas that generate thoughts and of course, knowledge should be shared with customers, clients or patients.  It is why we trust them; but if we don’t, we should go somewhere else and seek a third option.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

Ideas lead to opinions.

Ideas lead to opinions.

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