We’ve Come So Far

Its been over two hundred years since this country won its freedom from England and while we’ve come so far, we should never forget how we got here. 

Today, in a short detour due to a faulty set of GPS directions, we passed the first of two seasonal reenactments of Washington’s rebellious army crossing the Delaware River. It was nice to see the boat filled with revolutionary war soldiers in uniform – it was cold today, not as cold as that day in 1776 – and much colder than two years ago when we went to see the performance on Christmas Day. 

They made it…in case you were wondering. 

They don’t always – it’s still a treacherous stretch of water where rip currents, sand bars and ice flows can still hinder the crossing. 

It’s fairly amazing that they made it. (Not today, they practice and they have the Coast Guard standing by in motorboats, just in case.)

Luckily, we’ve come so far as to be able to cross over the Delaware River using bridges, driving cars, sitting in warm heated seats. We are able to enjoy the reenactment performance, from the comfort of the shore, wondering about what it was really like and thinking how nice it is that we live so close to one of the country’s great monuments to our history. 

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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