If It Seems Wrong…

You should trust your intuition and if it seems wrong, incorrect or out of the ordinary (in a bad way) you should trust your inner voice.

There are some decisions that are hard to tell though. Is it insecurity, a lack of information or the loud voices of the public view and even the media that skew your perception?

When they say “the roads will be icy, be careful out there.” It doesn’t mean stay home and don’t go to work or school.  It means…be careful, take your time and make good choices. However, if you really are not comfortable and you can work from home or take a day off, catching up on the paper you have to write, then stay home.

When you receive that friend request from a name you do not recognize, it could be someone you know. Someone from high school using a code name, or, maybe a friend of a friend you just connected with recently. Or, it could be a pfishing spam request to get you to give them access to your contacts.

When they say, you can eat whatever you want…in moderation. Do they really mean you can eat potato chips, ranch dressing, cookies and french fries every day? Of course, not all of those things at the same time…but throughout the course of the day. No, they probably do not mean that at all.

When you think that someone might be telling what they want you to hear – or what they have been told to say by their marketing team – you may want to consider it as partially right, true and valid.

You must choose what to believe, with proof or not, and if you can, trust your gut. If it seems wrong then it is probably wrong.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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