This Is Not Business As Usual

This is not business as usual. It’s different. Things change but you still have to continue to attend to the business at hand and address what happens in your daily routine.

Winning the Super Bowl is out of the ordinary, but there are things that have to be done.  For example, some of the special things could be:

  • Planning a celebratory parade;
  • Bud Light to restock so you can give it away for free (somehow, some where along the way); and even,
  • Shirts to be washed until they’re pure white (wash with Tide, becuase, apparently that works!)

If you are not in Philadelphia, or actually especially if you are, the business has to open. The people have to show up, they have to do their job so that you can celebrate – again – the next time something extraordinary happens.


  • the newspapers have to be printed (why, I am not certain, but they do);
  • the news has to be uncovered and shared with the world, even if they don’t believe it to be true (even though there are sometimes actual instances when it isn’t);
  • the roads have to be open, with traffic lights working; and,
  • the police have to be able to focus on the real dangerous crimes, not just the stupid drunken mishaps of a handful.

We cannot take our eye off the ball (even though some in New England did…sorry Tom, but you did just for a split second and it was so very costly.)

We can’t take our eye off the ball at any time, either, all of us regular people…Why? Because they could make a come back tomorrow, next month or next year, even stronger than ever. Your parents, your enemies, your competition is watching and what you do every day matters – they don’t always care about your win, they care about what they want.

Today, in homes, schools and in companies all over Philadelphia they were debating: “Should we skip work, skip school, or go in late? Should we give our employees the day off for the parade?”

Or, should we mandate that they come in, exhausted, and be accepting even if they come in too tired to focus, hung over, or none of those, but too excited to focus, talking incessantly about the game?

If it doesn’t impact the daily routine, if things can continue to be effective, efficient, successful, profitable and move forward then it is probably okay. However, if it isn’t all of those things, you have to move past the celebration – forge ahead – make the day and the ultimate journey matter.  Hit your milestones, accomplish your goals and reach your destination – move forward toward the next big thing, enjoy the success, recognize the accomplishments as you achieve them, but keep moving forward.

No doubt there is time to celebrate – it just can’t be everything all of the time – all night, all day, all week…even if you’ve never celebrated like this before.

All around the country, and the world even, things happen every day that make us realize that this is not business as usual but still we have to keep moving forward. We have to do it so we have another victory, more success, another accomplished special day. Like, perhaps Thursday, when the entire city and surrounding region will again wear green, get silly, silly and shout like nothing’s ever going to be any better than this. But, believe me, there will be another day and another reason to celebrate. I truly believe there will be another chance; so, don’t blow it all today…save some up for another day.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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