I Say Let’s Try

It’s always nice to know that you can try something, first – just a small taste testing and you can say “yay” or “no” – and sometimes “mmmm, maybe, but I am not sure.” I say let’s try the ESB but then you always have the option to choose the Hop Culture instead – as long as it is still on the board and available.

Yes. Beer. It began at noon. A post-holiday celebration for a good year; a year done well.

The fact that it was a “momentous” occasion with the first non-political, not-brought-up-through-the-ranks president being sworn into office is not lost on me; but it was merely a coincidence.

Today, I saw moments – brief, fleeting moments of the events today, twisted faces. Looks of horror. This is in addition to last night’s “countdown to the ceremony” as if it were the count down to the giant asteroid heading toward the Earth in the movie Armageddon – not to mention the insane lead up – after just a short respite post-election, on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

In general, I am not a fan of reading about, watching, nor discussing politics. In this, my 17 year-old and I completely agree.  I know that I should be more interested, but I just can’t be focused on people who seem to have their own agendas…and rile those around them, twisting them up in a whirlwind of bizarre topics that should not be discussed in today’s day and age, only to just drop (the topic) to the ground ending the argument before anyone has a chance to make your point.

It is like taking your toys out of the sandbox and leaving a spray of sand in your wake.

So, here I am, at the end of the first half of a day with our newest president celebrating the oath and I can’t help but to be optimistic and wonder: can we make it work? I have to hope that we can. After all, the alternative is just too awful to consider. This is America. I’d rather live here than any other place and not just because I was born here, my family is here, my business is here and it is really convenient that I speak the language.

So, tonight, tomorrow and every day after that I say, “Let’s try…” I humbly offer this – with all the faith that I have, combined with a profound belief that it will all be okay because we will not stop until it is. That is because of the dedication to humanity that people all around us offer, each and every single day.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

PS Plus, if it doesn’t work, there is always craft beer. I recommend the hoppy ones and holding hands. That usually helps make things better.

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