Rite of Passage

In some ways, I think that it may very well be a rite of passage to protest against something the government, a business or, even your parents have done. How you go about this protest is up to you.

We are encouraged, from our childhood that as Americans, we have the right to disagree.

Of course, when our children do it, we get annoyed, but isn’t that what we taught them to do? We want them to speak their minds and stick up for themselves.

We can be happy, amazed, proud, confused, shocked or upset when protest goes against large groups of contrasting beliefs – like today – when the polarizing events of the election, the president-elect and now president cause a march on Washington.

We shouldn’t be shocked. We should be thankful that this is available to us in the country.

The question is, is this a true rite of passage of all Americans, or just one for those who were taught to participate. Do they care more, or have more passion? Someday, maybe everyone will get to a point where there is something so bothersome that they do it, and then they will know.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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