Focus On The Good

At this very moment, for the last few months, all I can think about is – for everyone out there – to focus on the good…

  • the good things people do
  • the good things people say
  • the good things we see happen around us
  • the good people whom we know, love and surround ourselves with every day
  • the good food that we have to eat
  • the good laughs we have with others
  • the good day we had at home, at school, at work, at play
  • the good news that we embody and which helps us thrive
  • the good mood that we share
  • the good mood that 3 more extra minutes of daylight can offer – each day getting brighter earlier and staying lighter later
  • the very, very good progress that we are making as we focus on being well, healthier and happier

Anyone can be sad, negative, upset, angry, but – oh, please if only, we can focus on the good things then maybe, maybe we can get to a point where it is all good.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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