How Gullible

How gullible are you?

Do you believe the sales person who says that the golf outing is just a little bit farther down the road… and 35 minutes later, you think you are about to drive off the edge of the earth (in Chester County, Pennsylvania) when you finally see a sign that the club is only 10 more miles away!?!

Do you believe that aliens are (or have been) kept in Area 51?

Do you believe that Kennedy was shot in a conspiracy by Johnson and/or the CIA?

Do you believe that the burger you are about to enjoy will look like the photo on the sign?

Do you believe that there are really 872 calories in that sandwich, fries and medium coke?

Do you believe in the weight loss ad claims? (Particularly the Before and After pictures)?

Do you believe that the “FREE DINNER” coupon for your 7 year old for reading 10+ books in the read-a-thon is meant for a 7 year old to eat dinner at the steakhouse with just one paying adult?

Do you believe the doctors assistant who tells you “you are next” after you have waited 35 minutes past your appointment time, all the while recalling that the scheduling nurse said it would only take 15 minutes?

Sure, I know I should have trusted my memory that this Doctor tends to run over time, behind schedule, and allow far more than 15 minutes but certainly not thinking it would be nearly 2 hours.

Perhaps it is that I thought I was asking one question – which was “How long should I allow on my schedule for this entire appointment once I get into the office?” but, she was answering “How long will I be in the presence of the doctor?”

I believe people at face value sometimes, but I do not nearly as often, believe the pitch in an ad, slogan or commercial.

If I had to answer my own question about today’s visit to the doctor; I’d have to say “pretty gullible”. If I were asking you “How gullible are you?” What would you answer?

Dawn aka Hat Girl

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