Memory Triggers

Nothing is better than a rose, or a perfume, or that perfect blend of salt, garlic and simmering dinner – to create happy, romantic, nostalgic, family, joyful memory triggers.

I’ve had a few this week. Just one subtle scent is all it takes to bring you way back when…

Roses from our honeymoon. It wasn’t actually the flower, but an expensive shower gift of rose infused body lotion that I’d used. I was in an office today with roses that brought me right back to that lovely island trip from 19 years ago.

There is a gently used, children’s clothing and toy shop in Newtown (they have other spots, too, but this is where ours opened.) They wash all their clothes in a detergent that applies a slight fragrance that I can’t place… but it brings back happy childhood memories; very different from honeymooning, but very nice, all the same.

If you have an option to add senses to your marketing, it may just work for you. Retailers who don’t have the luxury of a restaurant kitchen which can repeatedly produce memory triggers, should come up with a way to generate scents – happiness inducing, fond thought reminders that just launch you down memory lane; turning scents into dollars. (Milk Money did it, why can’t you?)

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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