Retail Parking

Retail parking is the bane of many retailer’s existence.

Too few spaces. No customers.

Zoning requires 10 spaces, you have room for just 9… Can you get a variance? Should you try for it, or maybe if you just squeeze 10 into the amount of room you have for nine instead? It may look fine on the plot plan for the property. But if the spaces are too small, you might have annoyed and fewer customers. (Note to those of you who live in a city, where parking is a premium, you may say “who cares if they are 1′ narrower?” You’re just thrilled there’s a spot – yeehaw! Yes. City dwellers can say that, too. It’s ok.)

The problem really comes in when there are no spots to be found. How far will customers walk to find you?

Retail parking can make or break your business…so know your potential customers, their threshold for being annoyed by a lack of desirable parking and do your best to accommodate them – or maybe, select another site. They don’t say “location, location, location” for no reason.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

PS Three parking “problems” in 24 hours is inspirational…of course people being pushy, mean or in a hurry won’t help the situation no matter how much parking you have available. This does unfortunately reflect on the retailer.

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