Turn It Off

I understand that some people – ok, many people – have been upset about the posts, dialogue and long-winded diatribes on social media during the last few months. Here is a simple solution. Turn it off.

It is easy enough to do. You don’t even have to tell them. They won’t know.

If you stop reading what I write, I certainly won’t know. If I do, it’s okay, I will get over it.

We watch movies, television and news all the time; and when we don’t like what we are watching, we can turn it off.  If we read a book, magazine or newspaper and don’t like the story, we stop reading. Sometimes, we eat foods and if we don’t like them – even cookies and cakes – we can stop eating them, going so far as to spit them out when we really don’t like them.  This is the free will that we have as Americans, as humans with certain rights – rights that we do need to be concerned about – if not for us then, for those who cannot or won’t fight for themselves. But here, online, you can take action and you can fight for yourself even if it is as simple as the delete key or pressing “Stop notifications”.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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