When The Bell Doesn’t Ring

When we have trained ourselves to follow certain habits, we sometimes fall behind when the bell doesn’t ring as expected.

  • Or, we make lists, but don’t look at them.
  • Or, we turn off our ringer, and the bell does ring, but it does so silently, to itself.
  • Or, we have a sick kid who just needs your time, a hug (or three) and attention for a couple of hours.
  • Or, we have so much going on, we need to hit the “snooze” button to remind us again in 5, 10 or 15 minutes…only to have it happen so often, still unable to complete the task (right now) that we dismiss it and then totally forget about it until it is nearly too late.

Nearly, but not actually too late.

Even when the bell doesn’t ring, there is a silent memory that will (eventually) pop up to remind us that there is something quite important to do. Maybe, it is you that has to ring the bell and make sure that someone else is remembering what it is that they have to do. We all need a little help sometimes, and it is fun to listen to the bell when it is ringing…and maybe, sing along Fa la la Fa la la, la la LA!

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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