Have Patience

More often than not, if you have patience, you can get through anything.

In case you’re paying attention, yesterday’s blog was delayed in posting. There was either a problem with the site’s host or the application I use.

It wasn’t with the bandwidth, even though the network was slow last night.

It took 9 extra hours to post, that’s (many) multiples of times longer than it normally takes.

It doesn’t even take that long (normally) to come up with an idea of what to write.

Life inspires you.

It’s one little thing, or another. That’s what’s important.

The why is even more important.

Time with family.

Time with friends.

A life time spent doing what you like. Be sure to spend the moments you have doing something meaningful.

When that isn’t the case…well then, I hope you have patience to wait for the time to do the things that are.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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