Has It Really Been…

Has it really been…

  • Just 2 weeks since winter ended?
  • So much fun to raise 3 kids?
  • 30 years since BHS ended?
  • Great seeing you?
  • 25 years since college?
  • Wonderful to have you visit, we MUST do it again sometime?
  • 20 years since we bought this house?
  • Just 2 hours since I kissed you and said I loved you?
  • 2 years since we went to Ireland? (not quite, but almost…)
  • My pleasure?

The famous “eat more chik’n” restaurant, who you may all already know, has been teaching best practices to first time employees – and even those who have been elsewhere and didn’t like it enough to stay for years. They are a great place to start and probably a great place to end.  Their franchisees, love it or not, make money with an innate ability to help create excellence in customer-service, genuine friendliness and expand a culture that can be followed.

Setting aside their political statements, for just a moment… let’s just focus on training.  If someone decides to create the model and they can educate others on how to train it in such a way that other humans deem worthy enough to follow the practices…. you can actually get 16 year olds to say, “My pleasure.”

In 2017. In America. When the country has become less than it was (some say), the me-generation, all about the selfie, the perfect outfit, politics and bad news shared instantly.

It says something. I think it says something good.

I never worked in fast-food per se, although my first “real job” was working in a deli. Then, another, just down the street.  Before that was working with my dad, delivering the Penny Saver, babysitting, temping (for the real newspaper delivery boy) and as a receptionist for Kelly Girl. (Oh, those clients liked me a lot. I could alphabetize ALL the letters in the names of the companies. I had to ask them, “Is there any other way?”)

I do wonder, even if I miss when it is said, has it really been their pleasure to help me with my Original sandwich, fries and iced tea? I hope so. Because if the answer is yes, then it makes all of those other things that I can’t believe just icing on the cake and it makes this land that I love so much better.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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