Not Monday

When Monday is a holiday and the banks are closed, schools are closed and traffic is light because all of the Government offices are…closed – it may take some time to remember that it only seems like Monday, but it is actually not Monday.

By the time you are halfway through the day and you have stopped by the bank, pulled on the door, in spite of the sign that says “we are closed for Columbus Day” and it surprisingly doesn’t open; it is time to regroup.

You can pretend that you have the day off, but you don’t and let’s face it, you have already gotten a lot done since no one else is calling you or e-mailing you. It was a strange morning, while you wondered how it was so slow…but, you rejoice just a bit, because even though you didn’t take a long 3-day weekend – you have accomplished so very much.

All of this is true, of course, unless you work in retail – or restaurants – in which case you either had a banner sales day with extra traffic or none at all. Planning ahead can help, bring in more team-members, or reduce staff for the day and still go home right on time at closing.

No matter what the calendar tells you, it is not Monday, at least not a typical Monday. Now – just wait until Friday and see if you can relax more and enjoy what you accomplished on the unusually free and productive day that you had, yesterday.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl


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