Good Movies Inspire

When good movies inspire others the world is happy.

Today, is May the Fourth, which is the way you would say it if you are a Star Wars fan…and you just can’t help but finish it off by adding “be with you.” Even if you haven’t seen the movie (sacrilege) you’ve heard the phrase too many times before to just let it go.

Being Friday the 4th of May has it’s merits this year, bonus merits. Not only is today a fun day for Star Wars and movie fans everywhere, tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo and Kentucky Derby Day.

So many reasons to be happy.

If you don’t plan to celebrate by making margaritas, mint juleps and watching the ponies run, then maybe you need to hunker down and watch something on the big screen.

Or, maybe, write more of your own screen play, film a scene – even if in your mind…picture it now, because that is exactly how it started for George – one idea at a time and then it became a movie that became a movement.

If not your “cup of tea” well, there are other options, but good movies inspire people to do things; good things, like laugh, cry, think big dreams and decide what they want to do next.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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