Give Yourself Permission

Over this long holiday weekend, did you give yourself permission?

  • To over indulge? or To say no to another slice of pie even though they already cut it for you?
  • To buy nothing? or To buy everything you needed/wanted to get?
  • To eating biscuits, just because they were homemade – even though you knew you didn’t need anything else to eat? or, To say “thank you, mind if I take them home for tomorrow?”
  • To do nothing all weekend? or To catching up on work that needs more focus than you have during a normal week, reading and re-reading that e-mail to make sure it sounded right?
  • To staying home, lounging and recharging, reading and watching mindless movies with the kids? or To making them get out, run, walk and drag home a Christmas Tree?

Either way, don’t feel bad about it.

Only we can grant ourselves the freedom to do something. No one else can tell you it is OK to do something you don’t want to do. It is both our right and our responsibility, whether it goes well or goes badly.

Only you know what you want to do and what you feel comfortable doing. Just because somebody else says it is OK does not mean that it is. Your moral compass has to guide you.

The reality is that it matters either way.

If you care too much about something that seemed innocent enough, or casual enough, or insignificant – but you keep thinking about it over and over again – and you think that you were wrong to do it you probably are.

If you didn’t make a decision to do something that you thought you should have done, for you or for yourself, you are also, probably wrong.

If you did let go, and you did nothing; if you let the weekend roll over you like a college kid home for the holiday…then that was probably what you needed to do and you deserved every glorious minute of it. It was the right thing to do.

Give yourself permission and then hold yourself accountable to the outcome. Celebrate your victories, lament your mistakes and then, make sure to repeat the good things you did, over and over again.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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