Days Then Hours

The count down to the holidays start with weeks of planning…it always seems like we have more than enough days then hours left, until – just like that – it is over.

There is always great anticipation, a little bit of anxiety which is of course completely unfounded…we should all know by now that there is no way to screw it up. At the end of the day, if we do it overwhelmingly spectacularly, there is applause…but, at the very least appreciation and accolades from the family.

Seriously, though, no matter what happens on any given holiday the amount of planning, effort and energy that goes into it should earn applause.

At the beginning of the long holiday week, it always seems that we have more than enough days then hours, just mere hours left until the holiday is over. No more time to linger, relax, do nothing after so much of everything. I know the kids feel it, too. Adults are not the only ones who believe that Monday always comes sooner than we want, whether there are just two days in the weekend, or even as many as 5 glorious weekend days. Make the most of what’s left…as if we don’t always try to do just that.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl 

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