Girls Rule

While it may actually mean “women” – the phrase is, girls rule

They really do. 

They can run companies, create a successful restaurant (with all women and one great guy), be kind, have a baby, write a book, be compassionate and smoke cigars. Not in that order, or even, not all of those things, but…even if it is just one…they do it really, really well. 

That doesn’t mean, of course, that men can’t do those things either (except the baby part), which is actually ok – they hold a critical role that can’t be denied or ignored. Plus, I don’t think there’s one man out there who wants to join the ranks of “motherhood” via child-birthing.

I have 2 daughters. I have 2 sisters. I have a ton – I mean a ton of friends (from my bookies, Drexel grad alumae, my engineering/construction co-workers as well as the marketing gurus I know now) – all who are indeed, women. They are also strong, powerful, smart, and emotional; each, in their own way. In addition, of course, they embody in so many ways, the phrase “girls rule“.  Tonight I add restaurants to my list of things that women should own more often.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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