Getting The Word Out

If you own a company, run a non-profit or need to rally support for a community effort, your biggest challenge can be in getting the word out.



The Mission.

The end game. The goal – whatever it is for you.

What do you want for your company? Is it… Helping others through your products, living a better life? Making a brand name and knowing that everyone will have one (or many) in their home? Making money by selling a better product than the competition? Or, is it just your passion to do it and the help, the wide-use and the profit just icing on the cake?

In a non-profit, maybe it is spreading your mission, your goal of fundraising, or bringing in volunteers to help accomplish projects that support the vision for…community, people or animals.

Community groups who are neither a company nor a non-profit, instead they are a group of people who have a common interest and a common goal. They still need to communicate, maybe even more so than others and doing so, is (possibly) more difficult. You don’t have a store front, a restaurant, a product, nor a website or…ok – maybe you have a Facebook page.

I just watched The Social Network. I know, I should have watched it ages ago. I was a late adopter to Facebook, too.

As much as you may admire or love, hate or despise Mark Zuckerberg – and “The Facebook” – that brand did something for so many companies (yes, even now that it is paid), for organizations and for groups.

Today, compared to even just 7 years ago, this is a vehicle to help you in getting the word out. What would we do with out it? Not to mention the other “things” that were inspired or helped along by it’s mere existence (Instagram, twitter, even LinkedIn – the list goes on and on.) I have to tip the hat and say thank you…as do so many, I think.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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