1 Too Many

There are a lot of reasons I like dining out. Chef’s tasting menus are just one reason…but tonight (and usually) there are at least 1 too many courses. Somewhere between satisfied and stuffed is the problem.

Leaving the course selection to the chef means that you have the best of the restuarant’s offering at your fingertips. A meal that – from start to finish – was meant to be eaten in it’s entirety. 

Dessert, fortunately, is kind of optional. Some (mostly women) would probably disagree with me, but after enjoying an appetizer, pasta and main course, I don’t really need (or want) dessert. 

Maybe, I am not 100% right about this and it isn’t the dessert, but the little “gifts” from the chef that are served in between courses. Whatever it is, tonight, as delicious as ever but 1 too many dishes has me wishing for just a little bit more time to savor and enjoy. Then, I could partake in the final course, completing the dinner as it was meant to be. 

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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