Fun and Familiar

Going somewhere, that is both fun and familiar is a good idea…

I wonder if the things we do are more fun, because of the people or because of what we do.

Tonight, we were at a fancy, schmancy hotel in the city – used to be the Four Seasons and now it isn’t (independent hotel I think, named after the circle, inside a square, that it is near.) Then, we went to the Academy of Natural Sciences for an all ages college reunion.

We have been there, not just during college, but 25 years ago for our senior formal…and countless times since then, on field trips, visits with just our kids, tours with the scouts, field trips with ALL the kids from school, in addition to business group meetings.

There is something to be said about hanging out with the dinosaurs, dancing and drinking a few libations; however, I am pretty sure that it is more than just the location that makes it fun, and familiar friends make it so. Oh, that, and butterflies.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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