Do You Still…

It is reunion season, for some (for many) as the school year draws to a close, at any given time, people out there are being asked “Do you still…?”

If you have recently been invited to a reunion – prepare now.

If you have already celebrated one of those wonderful/dreaded 5 year incremental milestones you know what I mean.

It would only be worse if it was one of those childhood habits everyone grows out of eventually: nose picking, thumb sucking, bed-wetting…there are probably worse things like – oh, I am sure you can list a few you remember.

At the reunion, you were either asked, or did the asking.

  • Do you do what you used to do?
  • Working in the field you studied?
  • Are you still with that person you were dating?
  • Do you have children?

[No, no, yes, yes…] or maybe, [Yes, yes, no, yes]

The reality is that life changes, we change, we all move on and things are different. Whether it is the career, spouse or hobby – it is all good as long as you are happy. That is all that matters, now. So, do you still smile at the end of the day? If so, that is the only thing that matters.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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