Fully Stocked

It is so nice to shop prior to a holiday when the store is fully stocked

Especially…especially when, you waited until after rush hour (there is one at the market, you know) and you were really nervous that you’d have to go again tomorrow – because that can happen…it does, sometimes, somewhere…ok, maybe not here.

It was 6pm on Good Friday and the fresh baby carrots, pea shoots and cheeses were all ready – maybe not for me, shopping on Friday night but instead – for Saturday Easter shoppers. I guess by then, the banks were closed, the office workers home, making fish for dinner…or crab cakes, or maybe out having ribs, in honor of your loved one.

The efforts made by retailers everywhere, to be prepared, is an effort of significance…and one that is truly American. To be fully stocked, capturing the limited audience available in our society where abundance is an absolute necessity. Ideally, I I’d like to shrink the fridge and shop every day – well, at least I’ve gotten halfway there.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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