Go Home

For most people, at least I hope this is true for most people, you should go home for the holidays.

It may not be the same, as the years go by the neighborhoods change, roads get detoured as they are refurbished or updated with new interchanges. The home owners who lived next door grow up and move out, too – or get transferred to a new job in a new city.

In other words, it is never the same.

The house may get painted, resided or the pool may be filled in…

The grandparents may not be there…

The abundance of young cousins who need to sit on their lap and get their picture taken are now far too old…

There won’t be an Easter Egg Hunt this year…

But, if you can, go home and make your parents and the extended family happy. Make the trip, put the miles on your car and expend some energy to show your love for them. Happy Easter to everyone – may you enjoy the holiday, in all it’s glory tomorrow – however you may choose to celebrate.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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