Full Days

These oh so full days are so wonderful…

From morning till night, the more you can do the better. Life is meant to be lived to the very fullest with every single minute and every single hour jam packed with running to and fro.

Early this morning I prepped the welcome home; the surprise and Happy Valentine’s Day for the kids.  Then my husband and I went out to our favorite local fancy restaurant (that isn’t even a little bit fancy except for the fabulous food!) Lunch was so amazing, we planned our dinner around take-out. With the rest of the day dedicated to work and visiting with family – a nearly ready to eat dinner was essential.

With happy hearts and love, full bellies and smiles – our wish for everyone is “very full days” – and for all the days of your life. The more the merrier – more family and more friends – more of everyone and everything wonderful. Yes. I’d say it was a good day.

Love, Dawn aka Hat Girl

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