Are You Ready

Tomorrow (depending on when you are reading this) is Valentine’s Day. Are you ready?

Remember what I wrote a week or so ago…planning takes time. Advance planning on a holiday as crazy busy as Valentine’s is essential.

E-mails sent out at 5:17PM (eastern time) from the biggest mail order florist said – “Absolute last chance to order for Valentine’s Day!”

Egads – that is a last minute push… and how special are those flowers if they are “standing by” at 5:17PM the day before??

(Hint-hint – wait a week and order for the 24th and you will definitely get a better selection, regardless of the guarantee they offer.)

I try to plan ahead, but if I do it too far ahead, well then I sometimes forget. Then, I ask myself “Are you ready?” and I realize that I was, but am not now…Now, it is urgent to wrap and prepare gifts, cards and notes that are essential and oh so important to making this day more special than yesterday.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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