Fresh New Outlook

Spring brings with it a fresh new outlook every year. Flowers are blooming, the trees have leaves (again) and the grass makes the world look green, lush and alive. This year we get to re-experience the end chilly weather as it turns into warmer spring days, over and over again.

I have new found appreciation for this, even with the dandelion puffs that allow you to make a wish…just like people have on their birthday.

We keep getting bonus restarts.

I think the earth is telling us that it is a time to focus on the things that are going well and what we can perhaps do just a little bit better, a little bit warmer and a little bit brighter.

Think about reflecting back at night, at the end of every day…

  • What did we do well?
  • What did we accomplish?
  • What do we know we did in a positive way for the future?
  • What can we do better tomorrow?
  • What do we still need to do?

Not everything can be perfect, but we can have a second, or a third or a gadzillionth chance, to do it right. We can’t dwell on what didn’t go well…but, on what we have to be proud of: in ourselves, in our family and in the people around us. Surely we know that not everything can be accomplished in a single day, or even in a single week, nor in a single year.

We need to keep moving forward in a positive direction.

Dealing with the things that happen – like rain and chilly days – messing up your plans to go to the city, to the beach or to the park. Try to make the best of it; think of it as a fresh new outlook on life. (Especially when the rain clears away all the pollen and we can finally breathe and see the sun again.)

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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