All In One Sitting

Today, the woman at Target told me that I was going to be (not that I was already) really fresh…as if I was going to finish two containers of Altoids all in one sitting.

I laughed, thinking, wow, that was presumptuous.

  • Who says the Altoids are for me?

Then I thought…

  • Do I need to consume an entire tin of Altoids?
  • Should I eat one now?
  • Should I not only eat one now, but eat 45 of them right now?

What other things must she think are meant for just one person?

  • A box of donuts?
  • A package of cookies, Tastykakes, Cheez-Its?
  • A family sized bag of potato chips?

If I were a teenager, maybe. But, I am not. Few people are.

Of course, the list could go on…but I have to wonder if there is ever a time when one person should consume everything – all in one sitting – that is part of a package obviously meant for a group. No. I think not. If you do, you might just have a problem, and in that case I am certain that an Altoids mint won’t help one little bit – maybe some fresh mint water…with lemon and lime to help you detox. Yes. After a holiday weekend – and the next one that is to come – I think that is just what we may need.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

PS I am always thankful to have fresh thoughts…this one made me laugh.

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