Fresh Ideas

Looking for some fresh ideas to get you through the rest of the year?

We have 90 days to go and many things to celebrate, enjoy and create and between now and the surely momentous end of 2020.

To start, go outside. Look around. The sky, evening or not, has been beautiful. Whatever the reason – whether it is being inside far too much, or less pollution in the air – it is worth seeing.

Plus, for the last two days (and we still have one more) has shown us a beautiful red Harvest Moon. We have watched it come up and kind of still can’t believe that there were people who thought that Mars and the moon were ever the same size. Yet, even more amazing was that people used the light of the moon to harvest crops “back in the day”.

We should definitely be looking forward to our Halloween Blue Moon later this month. Hopefully, there will be kids in costumes roaming the neighborhoods by then, too. What to be? What costume would be perfect to reflect the time? We will have candy for the brave souls who venture out; hope to see a lot of you.

Thanksgiving, never more worthy than this year to recognize and acknowledge how lucky we are. Food we enjoy and the family we love all around us. Wondering if it will be at our house this year, or mom and dads. Hmmm. That’s something to ponder.

Rolling right along, the holidays will be here before we know it. The kids have more than they need, but I am sure by then, we will find something that has been worn out by excessive use. New desk chair anyone? Maybe headphones…or, maybe a new pair of house shoes.

Life (and blogs) need fresh ideas to keep people interested. Share yours. Maybe it will spark some new topic worthy to explore. In the meantime, we will paint some rocks and try to spread some joy.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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