Follow The Leader

Today was the last show of a 4-performance event at the middle school. Plays and theater, in general, remind me of Peter Pan and the fan favorite song “Follow The Leader” – once you hear it, you can’t get it out of your head.

After you get past community theater, you look to other forms of leadership in the community and your industry.

Following yesterday’s blog, there are times when being first is not the best situation, scenario or position.

  • They invent, you improve.
  • They create, you communicate better.
  • They invest, you leapfrog.
  • They take tentative baby steps, you make serious strides in progress and improvement.
  • They start. You finish.

Just because you are first to market doesn’t mean that you are better. Sometimes, it takes an idea to spark an interest and then making massive strides outpacing the competition. While you may follow the leader, you will far exceed their greatest expectations.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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