First Is Better

Being first is better if …

  • You invent the new thing and keep market share for generations
  • You create the product and then everyone calls it that forever (Q-tip, Kleenex, Coke, Earbuds)
  • You’re the oldest (not that you have any control over this of course)
  • You’re using the newly cleaned bathroom in a travel rest stop
  • You are there when the Thanksgiving turkey comes out of the oven and you can pick the best of the crunchy stuffing – that is before your grandfather threatens you with a flick of the carving knife (he was just teasing)
  • You break (and enjoy) the top of the creme brûlée
  • You create the best solution for an age old problem and make it go away forever

Do your best to be ahead of the pack. Be the first to get people to look at you and keep looking to you for guidance, leadership and solutions that no one else ever saw. Keep their attention by continuing to impress, achieve and make a difference.

When you do this, being first is better…which is something to strive to achieve, because it isn’t always the case.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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