Focus On the Positive

It is easy to get caught up in the news and the endless cycle of what was meant to be a 42 minute update, once – maybe twice – a day. Of course, staying up to date on what is happening around the world and in your local area is important. But, for the rest of the time, I’d prefer to focus on the positive things happening.

  • The annual groups of kids who graduate, throwing their caps in the air with sheer excitement.
  • New babies being born.
  • The B+ earned from studying your least favorite subject.
  • Happiness of a kiss and falling in love – for the first time – or again.
  • The new business that opened up in the empty storefront down town.
  • The new grad who interned to then get that “real job” in a career they’ve been passionate about since forever.
  • The park that was revitalized by volunteers of all ages, local residents, business owners and students who remember playing there as little kids.
  • Young couples realizing they are going to commit to each other and get married.
  • The recent retiree who can do what they want now…relax, play golf, spend time with their family, watch television, mentor someone…whatever it is that they love to do.
  • Your favorite food which someone made for dinner.
  • A good crop and being a part of the local CSA.
  • Someone laughing, joyful, bubbly, can’t help themselves, out loud, in a public place because of something they read, someone else said, or because of their own creative inner voice.
  • An easy, simple smile and a sincere thank you.

It is all of this and so much more. I’d like to continue to focus on the positive and what we can do, together, as humans, to make people happy and the world a better place.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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