Focus and Stay On Task

It is not easy, with so many simple, little distractions in the world to focus and stay on task.

Work. Family. Life.

They all have their moments.

E-mail, zoom calls, phone calls (though less and less of these) and texts. There are project timelines and clients to respond to, quickly or else…

Kids, parents, siblings…they also have their place and time and (texts) or other fun communications. Making dinner, taking out the trash, doing laundry, getting groceries. The real life, down to earth “stuff” that makes the family work…add in health, care-giving, doctors visits, mental wherewithal and the rest of it.

Taking care of yourself, your own health and well being. Making time to exercise, eat well, drink more (water) and breathe. Always remember to breathe. This should not have to be something we remind ourselves to do, yet, here we are, It’s been like that since oh, I don’t know, since a few years after we stopped being babies who knew how to do it. At some point we got busy and we forgot.

Do what you can to focus and stay on task. Not everything can get done, but you will do your best and it will be all okay in the end. Not everything is on you and your shoulders, not everything has something to be blamed, Stuff happens and how we handle it is most important.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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